HG8LXL, Laci's report on the balloon, he has launched:

On Wednesday, 2017.09.03, a reprogrammed RS-41 Meteorology sonde was released on the outskirts of Csongrád town. The frequency and the modes was used by radio amateurs in common operations - APRS, RTTY, CW.

Technical construction:

Balloons: 3 pieces of 70cm diameter latex.

Probe: RS-41 radio sonde manufactured by Vaisala, programmed with the program on the OM3BC,s website above


The weight of the probe and the required lifting power ("free lift") summarised to 60g. Therefore, each balloon was so filled with helium that it would be in balance with 20g of weight. Consequently, to raise the 60 grams, 3 balloons were needed. After this has been completed, the three balloons will be placed in a ca. 20 meter long cord, which was attached to the sonde.

Before the burst of the balloon, this RTTY package is pushed, and received:

$$ HG8LXL-12,83,125420,48.90985,20.30898,12485, -22,3.57,10 * 9728

Last APRS coordinate:

2017-09-03 16:41:29 CEST: HG8LXL-12> APBCRS, WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1, qAO, SQ5MJA-1:! 5024.27N

Some pictures from lunch:

Thanks to OM3BC Jóka for the great help and for the joint work that
made it possible for a successful flight.